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Citizen BM6400-00E - Eco-Drive Mens Canvas Watch

BM6400-00E feedback

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Watch Information

43 millimeters
Citizen Eco-Drive
660 feet
11 millimeters

Citizen Watches - BM6400-00E Eco-Drive Canvas Watch (Stainless Steel with Black Canvas Strap) -
Citizen Watches - BM6400-00E Eco-Drive Canvas Watch (Stainless Steel with Black Canvas Strap) - Jewelry
$140.00 (USD)
Citizen Eco-Drive Mens Watch
Citizen Eco-Drive Mens Watch BM6400-00E
$140.00 (USD)
Citizen Men's Eco-Drive 200 Meter watch #BM6400-00E
$140.00 (USD)
Citizen Men's Eco-drive Diamond Watch
$262.50 (USD)
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Citizen Eco-Drive Mens All-Black Watch with Diamond Accents AU1054-54G
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Watch description

About Citizen BM6400-00E:
Prepare for diving adventures with the Eco-Drive 300 Professional Diver stainless steel womens watch, which offers water resistance to 300 meters (1000 feet). This large silver-tone watch measures approximately 1.2 inches wide and 0.45 inches deep, and its topped by a unidirectional rotating elapsed time bezel in black with coin-edge detailing. The patterned black dial features large, luminous hands (with seconds hand) and dial markers for low-light visibility, as well as a date function at 3 oclock. Other features include a black rubber strap, curved, scratch-resistant mineral crystal, screw-back case and screw-down crown.

This watch is powered by Citizens unique Eco-Drive, which absorbs sunlight and any artificial light through the crystal and dial to recharge the watch continuously. With regular exposure to light, the Eco-Drive continuously recharges itself for a lifetime of use. This watchs Eco-Drive provides a 180-day power reserve, and it can be recharged with just 1.5 hours of exposure to light.

Eco-Drive Frequently Asked Questions
How can you tell if the Eco-Drive watch is getting enough light? In normal use, the watch displays the time and the sweep-second hand moves in one second intervals. A very important feature of Eco-Drive is the Low Charge Warning Mode which as a result of low battery voltage, causes the second hand to jump two seconds at a time (while still keeping correct time).

How long will an Eco-Drive watch run after it is fully charged?
If your watch is put away where no light is available to it while in a fully charged state, depending on the model, it will run for from 45 days to 5 years.

How can the Eco-Drive watch be recharged?
Besides sunlight, it can be safely charged by exposing it to a fluorescent desk lamp, with the dial (face) up and within about 8 inches or an incandescent lamp (regular light bulb) no closer than 20 inches. Never use a halogen lamp since the heat generated by it can cause damage to your watch. The most efficient and the quickest is in direct bright sunlight (not windowsill) and never on the dashboard of a car.

Its backed by Citizens 5-year warranty (from original date of purchase).

About Citizen
One of the worlds largest watch makers, the Citizen Watch Company was founded in 1924 in Japan from its beginnings as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute. The first watch released by the company was named "CITIZEN" and its name was selected so that it would be "close to the hearts of people everywhere." Today, Citizen is recognized as a worldwide leader in advanced timepiece technology, from the worlds slimmest LCD watch to the first voice recognition watch to the worlds first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor. Citizen was also the first to sell watches made with titanium in the world, which is not only light and durable but also non-allergenic (as stainless steel can be to some wearers). Most recently, Citizen has released watches powered by its Eco-Drive, which runs continuously in any kind of natural light or artificial light for a lifetime of use without changing a battery.

Brand description

Comments (30)add
written by Guest , September 27, 2008

After shopping for watches for months, I decided to buy this Eco-Drive and couldn't be happier. It's solid, it's stylish, it's bold, it's weighty. I worried the size and heft would be a problem for my small wrist but this was not the case. I love the watch and sturdy band, but you can add me to the LONG list of customers who would like Citizen to make the date more visible. It's too small and completely useless. All in all, if you're attracted to the watch you'll like it.

large watch
written by Guest , September 27, 2008

This watch was purchased for it's large numbers. It lets me read the hour numbers without using my reading glasses.I am well pleased with the watch even though it is rather large. I have small wrists, but it poses no problems.

Awesome watch..........
written by Guest , September 27, 2008

I have owned some expensive and some cheap watches in my life. This with out a doubt is the best watch I have ever owned. I tend to be hard on watch crystals, as I seem to "bang" them into just about anything. They get chipped and scratched up. This mineral crystal that is actually raised worried me, but has down well. It is still as it looked brand new. The watch keeps great time and has staid water tight. One of the best features about this watch is the way the stem is constructed. It is screwed down to lock it in place and help the waterproofing. I had a cheap watch that actually was a good watch, but without this feature one day as I bumped something it literally ripped the watch stem completely out.

Citizen Eco Drive Canvas watch
written by Guest , September 27, 2008

Simple design, but appealing. Very nice at this price, and the Eco Drive is a very desirable feature. A nice piece for my traveling teen son.

great buy!!
written by Guest , September 27, 2008

I bought the japanese version of this watch. The difference is the sapphire glass. It is really robust. The case is made of solid steel and the glass is thick. However, despite of its sturdiness, it is an elegant watch. Not a dress one, but not too sporty that you cannot wear it with a suit. What appealed to me when I decided to buy it was the black dial and big numbers. Not that I have a visual problem (I am a radiologist!), but I need a watch that could provide accurate information in a glance. When I received it, I could notice that the black dial is actually made of some sort of darkened glass, and the cells are visible through it. I found it exquisite. If you look at it directly, it is black, but if you angle it, you can see the cells.

The watch has an appearance that matches much more expensive models and the finishing is flawless.

It is not heavy nor oversized. My wrist is thin and it doesn't look weird when I wear it.

The canvas strap is confortable and the buckle's steel matches the case's finishing.

Great buy!!!

Superb Watch from Citizen
written by Guest , November 26, 2008

This is a superb watch. It has a very large and easily read face, yet it is sleek and fits very nicely on the wrist. As soon as i picked it up I was aware of the substantial feel of the watch. The ECO drive is a very nice feature and the watch seems to keep excellent time.

I am extremely pleased with this product and highly recommend it.

Great purchase, all around
written by Guest , November 26, 2008

The item arrived very quickly, in perfect condition. On top of that, it is just a great watch. I love it!

Citizen Eco Drive Canvas Strap Watch #BM8180-03E
written by Guest , December 21, 2008

I recieved my watch and when opened was pleasantly suprised with the look of the watch. It keeps time great and is really good looking on my arm. The only thing that I did not like, and the reason I did not rate the watch as 5 star, was the band. The canvas band that came on the watch makes it look cheap. I replaced it with a black leather band and the watch looks and feels great on my wrist. I like the fact that I do not have to replace a battery also. Thanks for a fine product.

Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Canvas Strap Watch
written by Guest , January 20, 2009

This is a great watch! Nice looking and of good quality. I found the canvas band totally acceptable.

new favorite
written by Guest , March 12, 2009

Since receiving this watch a couple of weeks ago, it is getting more wrist time than the other 7 or so in my small collection. It is dressy enough to wear to work in a business casual atmosphere, but not too flashy or ostentatious. I was very happy with how the watch looked in person vs. the photos, and although I wasn't sure I would like the band, especially the steel eyelets, it has really grown on me. The other reviews are right on the mark, get this watch, you won't be disappointed.

perfect watch for aging eyes
written by Guest , March 12, 2009

Several things I like about this watch. No more replacing the battery. Easy to read dial. Not bulky on the arm, like some diver's watch. Quartz accuracy. And 5 year warranty. So far I am satisfied with this watch. The price isn't bad considering the quality watch you get. Would recommend this watch especially to those with aging eyes.

Perfect for what it does.
written by Guest , March 12, 2009

This watch is fairly small and simple. If you are looking for a watch that is tough, simple, and a high quality timepiece. This one is worth a look. I have owned several Citizen watches and have been happy with all of them, this one is no exception.

Clean and Casual
written by Guest , March 12, 2009

So far, I have been very pleased with the watch (after wearing the watch for a few days...)

I have fairly thin wrists and was worried about the watch being too big and heavy but it feels great and fits perfectly on my wrist. The canvas strap might probably start stinking after this summer as I will most likely be wearing this watch daily.

If you're looking for that minimalist, classic, casual look this is a great timepiece to have.

Outstanding timepiece!!!!
written by Guest , March 12, 2009

i purchased this watch just prior to leaving for a cruise and i absolutely love it. it keeps great time and looks awesome. my only complaint, and it is a small one, is the band is a little short in length. i figure i'll wear it and replace it with a black one down the road. all in all, i love this watch!

A good watch
written by Guest , March 12, 2009

Rugged and good looking, never needs winding or batteries and keeps excellent time. What more can one ask for?

Just what I was looking for
written by Guest , April 11, 2009

When I started watch shopping, I wanted a tough, casual, and analog watch. The fact that it is solar powered is a plus. Previous watches that I have owned became ruined for not replacing the battery soon enough, and this watch takes care of that problem. On a sunny day I will leave it on the window sill to charge. I have owned it for a little over a month now and it is only about 1.5 seconds fast. I plan on resetting it when I have to readjust the date once every 2 months. The seconds hand does not line up exactly with the tick markings, but for my day to day use, it is not a big problem. Youll be hard strapped to find a watch for [...] bucks that does not have this problem. My previous watches didnt even have a seconds hand. Most people dont like the canvas band, but I happen to like it. The face seems to be pretty tough. There are no scratches at all, not even little ones. I am very happy with the watch.

Citizen Men's Eco-drive watch
written by Guest , April 11, 2009

Excellent watch. It is elegant,time is easy to tell even at night.Love the date option specially the Eco -Drive system. Service at Amazon is always great & reliable.Highly recommend this watch.

Overall a good watch
written by Guest , April 11, 2009

I have nothing but good things to say about this watch. It works perfectly, is easy to set, and has good style. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

A few things to know that may not come out in the pictures:

1. It is a fairly small watch. The face is normal size, but it is pretty thin. If you are looking for a substantial watch, this is not it. But if you are looking for a minimalist watch, this is perfect.

2. The band has grommets on it. When I bought it, the pictures on amazon did not show these. They seem to have put up more pictures that show the band. At first I didn't know how I felt about the grommets, but they have grown on me.

3. Although not substantial, the watch seems to be very durable. I have been wearing it everywhere for a year or so now, without any signs of wear. This includes the watch face and the band. Nice job, Citizen.

Classly watch at reasonable price
written by Guest , April 11, 2009

A thin attractive watch. Goes well with business attire or casual. Only wish band-size was slightly larger.

Favorite in Collection
written by Guest , May 19, 2009

I own several eco-drive watches and one auto (kinetic) quartz (Wenger). This eco-drive is easily my favorite. I have had mine for about 15 months, it is accurate to within 5 seconds per month. The face is uncluttered, clean and very easy to read. I especially like the deep black face which off sets the large very luminous markings. The crystal is rather thick and the case is 100% stainless steel so it is obviously built to last and take abuse. Another nice feature is the 200 meter water resistence which is punctuated by a screwdown knarled crown. The date window, although smallish is no problem to see.

The watch looks better when you get it than on the internet, it stands out nicely at first glance. If you prefer a rugged look, the canvas strap is fine, I preferred a slightly more "sophisticated" look and changed to a 21 mm leather band. One thing to consider, although the watch is not real big, about 41 mm by 11 mm thick, if you are of a rather thin build, the watch may be a bit large. Otherwise, I highly recommend this watch.

Excellent Product!
written by Guest , June 07, 2009

When I read the reviews for this product before purchasing it, I thought well I'll give it a try. The most common problem listed in the reviews were that of the band. How minor I thought, in which it can be changed out with little cost or hassle. Well, don't worry. The inside of the band is black leather, while the outside a handsomely stitched green nylon appearance with the rivetted buckling holes. Sure it asorbs water, but within 20-30 minutes its dry!

I haven't taken it off since it arrived. No problem with oder. Tells time perfectly. Yet, stylish enough for a man, but yet low key as not to draw attention to it. Good point, considering, I work and play downtown.

Overall, 5 Stars. Excellent craftsmanship and good solid quality material.

nice watch
written by Guest , June 29, 2009

i am very pleased with the watch. it is first class

the band, however was cheap and i replaced it immediately

it was overall a very good buy

Striking classic watch design
written by Guest , June 29, 2009

This is a striking classic watch design with a jet black dial and an elegant red second hand. I'd recommend (as others have) switching to a black band -- I chose a leather-backed carbon fiber design band (18 mm) that suits the watch. The date and day need to be set before noon or the date and day won't change properly; after all, the watch cannot tell whether it is morning or afternoon! And the date requires adjusting at the end of the month for 30-day months. The watch face is a tad larger than I thought it would be, but with a black band this is a handsome, rugged design that is not fussy, yet good-looking enough to wear with a jacket and tie in professional work settings. This watch is a good choice for those who don't want a lot of bells and whistles on their wrist. And it's a genuine bargain!

written by Guest , June 29, 2009

Nice, convenient, accurate, thin. "Eco-drive" (no batteries to change) is a very good idea and works flawlessly.

So far....SO good!
written by Guest , August 13, 2009

I had a swatch that looked just like this that I loved and wore every day for five years. Then one day, the crown came off and I learned the Swatches are "unfixable"! (Who knew!?)

So I began the hunt to find a replacement. I needed a watch that was simple, good looking, versatile, and durable. I needed a watch that was a beater but that I could also wear with a coat and tie and not feel like I was wearing a sports watch. This one looked like it would do the trick.

The Citizen arrived incredibly quickly. (Thanks Amazon!) The packaging is all recycled materials and very attractive. Right out of the box the watch was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

It's a medium size, brushed steel, and bold faced. As soon as the sunlight of my kitchen hit the face, it came to life as the solar cell ignited. (Looking forward to lowering my carbon footprint by not using a battery!) I left it there for a few hours to charge up.

One of the few things that I hadn't read up on was weather the numbers lit up in the dark. So I took the watch into a dark room after it had been in the sun. I was incredibly happy to see all of the white numbers glowing bright blue in the dark. Very nice.

I mean ultimately, for me, the test will be if it can take the proverbial lickin'. Despite the fact that I couldn't repair my other watch, it was a great one for five years. This watch retails for twice what I paid for my other one. So let's see if it lasts twice as long! If it does, I'll update this review happily in a decade!

written by Guest , August 13, 2009

A little smaller than expected. Although there are plenty of pictures here to help one decide, it's hard to capture how small, thin and light it is on a normal sized wrist. I actually have a thin wrist and it still looked small on mine. I was scared to hit it on something and break it.

The size of it all makes the holes on the band look bigger by comparison and kinda fad-ish. LIke something a teenage girl would wear.

Can't speak for the performance, only the way it looks once it's on your wrist. Returned it and got a swiss army garrison watch that seems to be a beter fit and built sturdier.

Nice Day To Day Watch
written by Guest , August 13, 2009

After doing a little research Eco-Drive seemed like a good way to go. I also have an automatic watch and to keep it going ended up getting a winder, with Eco-Drive no such expensive accessory is needed.

Personnally, I do not like the band but a quick trip to the mall resolved that and I am happy with the rubber strap I got. A leather strap would have given it a more formal look, but I wanted more a casual look.

The luminous hands do not glow as strongly as I expected, or would like, but you can read it.

Setting it took several days because of the day/date combination. First time the day changed and not the date, then the date and not the day. Finally got it and it has been fine ever since. In addition to English abbreviations there are French days as well. When you push the adjuster back in there is a one second delay before the second hand moves.

After two weeks it is less than two seconds off the NIST time I used to set it.

Build quality is very good and the dial is aligned perfectly and very easy to read in daylight.

Overall, I recommend this watch.

Big Bang for the Buck
written by Guest , August 13, 2009

As a former US Air Force aircrew member, I am obsessed with precise time. The Citizen meets the mail. It stays within one second per week, which is GREAT!!!! I was concerned about the canvas band, but it has a leather backing and stays firm, not the flexible canvas I was expeting. The only suggestion I could think for improvement is to have the face white with black numbers, but to be accurate, the black face with white numbers is easy to read.

citizen watch eco- drive
written by Guest , August 17, 2009

I bought this watch about one month ago. It keeps perfect time so far and the hands

line up very well. I like the fact that it will not need a new battery. The strap

is ok. I will use it with this strap and put something else on it when it wears out.

Great Watch
written by Guest , August 17, 2009

Love this watch. I always get tons of compliments on it, and it's really durable. Setting the date can be a little tricky, but other than that, I have no complaints.

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