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Tachometer /TachymeterCommon feature in chronograph watches. Measures the speed over a predefined distance.
Tank watchA rectangular watch with heavier bars on either side of the dial. Inspired by the tank tracks of World War I and first created by Louis Cartier.
TantalumA metal with a texture similar to titanium, but a color similar to gold. Used by Omega for the gold-like trim on certain titanium watches. Many of these watches are also available in titanium with real gold trim.
TelemeterA watch function that finds the distance of an object from the wearer by measuring how long it takes sound to travel the distance.
TitaniumThe "space age" metal, often with a silvery-gray appearance. Because it is 30 percent stronger and nearly 50 percent lighter than steel it has been increasingly used in watch making, especially sport watch styles. Its resistance to salt water corrosion makes it particularly useful in diver's watches. Since it can be scratched fairly easily, some manufacturers use a patented-coating to resist scratching.
Tonneau WatchA watch with a barrel-shaped watchcase and two convex sides.
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