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Ratchet Bezel RingA bezel ring that can either turn one way (counter-clockwise) or both ways and generally clicks into place.
Rattrapante (Flyback) ChronographA chronograph with an additional hand that moves with the second hand but, can be stopped independently to measure an interval and can then fly back to catch up with the other hand. This is useful for capturing lap times without losing the ability to capture the finish time.
RegisterAnother name for a subdial; this is usually a dial within the main dial of a watch.
RepeaterA device that chimes the time when the wearer pushes a button.
RetrogradeUsed to describe a pointer hand on a watch dial, which returns to zero at the end of a prescribed period. For example a watch may have retrograde date - in this case the hand moves up a scale a day at a time, pointing to the current date - when it reaches 31 it will spring back to 1
Rhodium PlatedProtective coating of metal with a thin layer of rhodium--a hard, brittle metal which does not oxidize and is malleable only when red hot.
Rose (or Pink) GoldA softly hued gold that contains the same metals as yellow gold but with a higher concentration of copper in the alloy.
Rotating BezelA bezel that can be turned to perform various functions.
RotorThe part that rotates in automatic (self winding) movements and winds the main spring.
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