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PedometerA device that counts the number of strides taken by the wearer.
Perpetual CalendarA type of calendar that automatically adjusts for months of different lengths and indicates February 29 in each leap year.
PlatinumOne of the rarest precious metals, platinum is also one of the strongest and heaviest, making it a popular choice for setting gemstone jewelry and watches. It has a rich, white luster, and an understated look. Platinum is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. Platinum used in jewelry and watches is at least 85 to 95 percent pure. Many platinum watches are produced in limited editions due to the expense and rarity of the metal.
Power ReserveA measure of the amount of time a watch will run after being fully powered or wound, with no additional power input.
Power Reserve IndicatorA feature that shows when the watch will soon need a new battery or winding.
PulsimeterA feature on a chronograph watch that measures pulse rate.
Push PinsSpring action pins that attach the band to the case lugs.
Pushers/Push PiecesButton located on the case of multifunction watches used to operate the special functions.
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