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Manual WindingThe watch must be wound by turning the crown back and forth until resistance is met—usually every 24 hours.
Mechanical MovementA watch's mechanism that is powered by a manual activity such as being wound up by hand or by the movement of the watch.
Mineral CrystalWatch crystal made from what is essentially a form of glass. More scratch resistant than acrylic, a mineral crystal can scratch and is extremely difficult to polish.
Moon PhaseAn indicator that keeps track of the phases of the moon.
Mother of PearlIridescent, milky interior shell of the fresh water mollusk that is sliced thin and used on watch dials. While most have a milky white luster, mother-of-pearl also comes in other colors such as silvery gray, gray blue, pink, and salmon.
MovementThe inner workings or assembly that makes up the main timekeeping mechanism. Movements are either quartz or mechanical. This is the engine of the watch.
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