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Lap MemoryThe ability, in some quartz sport watches, to preserve in the watch's memory the times of laps in a race that have been determined by the lap timer.
Lap TimerA chronograph function that lets the wearer time segments of a race.
LCDLiquid-crystal display. Digital time display.
LEDLight emitting diodes. Displays the time in a red light. Found less frequently these days.
Lighted DialsSeveral types of lighted dials are used so that you can tell time in the dark. A side button activates the light.
LinksThe individual attached components that make up metal bracelets.
LugsThe metal holdings used to attach the bracelet or strap to the case with pushpins.
LuminousLuminous hands and/or hour markers are standard features on most watches that enable you to tell the time in insufficient light.
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