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Day / Date WatchA watch that indicates the date and day of the week.
Deployment ClaspA feature found on most quality watches with metal or gold bracelets use to tighten the bracelet to the wrist. The typical clasp has two pieces of steel that clip safely beneath one long elegant looking piece of steel. All manufacturers have slightly different versions and features.
Depth AlarmAn alarm on a diver's watch that sounds when the wearer exceeds a preset depth. In most watches it stops sounding when the diver ascends above that depth.
Depth MeterA device on a diver's watch that determines the wearer's depth by measuring water pressure. It shows the depth either by analog hands and a scale on the watch dial or through a digital display.
DialThe watch face.
Digital WatchA watch that shows the time through changes of digits rather than with hands on the dial.
Diver's WatchDesigned and manufactured especially for divers whose lives depend on the reliability of their watch in the water. Divers watches traditionally feature a graduated, rotating bezel, screw down winding crown, and must be water resistant to at least 200m or 660 feet.
Dual TimeA watch that measures current local time as well as at least one other time zone. The additional time element may come from a twin dial, extra hand, subdial, or other means.
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