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CabochonA smooth round or oval convex-shaped, polished gemstone. In watch terminology, it describes a decorative stone set in the watch.
CalendarA watch feature that shows the date and sometimes the day of the week and the month.
CaseThe metal housing of a watch's parts. Stainless steel is the most common type, but titanium, gold, silver, and platinum are also used.
Case BackThe cover for the back of the watchcase that is removed to access the watch movement for service.
ChronographA multifunction sport watch with a stopwatch function. Most have two or three subdials, or minidials, for measuring minutes and hours.
ChronometerThe chronometer indicates that the watch is in perfect running condition with high degree of precision according to the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute standards.
ClaspThe attachment used to connect the two ends of the watch bracelet or strap around the wrist.
Countdown TimerLets the wearer keep track of the time remaining in a preset period. Particularly useful for sporting events.
CrownThe ridged winding knob on the right side of the case that is used to set the time (and date). On a manual watch the crown doubles as the winding mechanism to power the watch.
CrystalThe clear cover over the watch face or dial. Crystals can be made of mineral, synthetic sapphire, plastic, or acrylic material. The sapphire crystal is the most durable.
Crystal Skeleton CasebackA Caseback made of transparent material that reveals the intricate movement of the watch.
CyclopsA small window or lens in the crystal that is added to magnify the date 2 1/2 times.
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