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BaguetteLadies style watch with a thin, elongated face; usually rectangular in shape but may be oval.
BandThe bracelet or strap that holds a watch on your wrist.
Battery LifeThe minimum period of time that a battery will continue to provide power to run a watch. Battery life begins when the factory initially installs the battery.
Battery Reserve Indicator or End of BattSome watches have a feature—often a movement of the second hand--that lets you know when the battery is approaching the end of its life.
Battery-less QuartzA modern hybrid watch technology that uses a quartz movement powered by a small electric current generator operated by a rotor. Like an automatic watch, these must be worn regularly to keep up their electrical power reserve. Also known under various marketing names, including Kinetic (Seiko), Omega-matic (Omega), and Auto quartz (Invicta).
BezelThe ring that surrounds the watch face and holds the crystal in place. A sports or divers watch could have a rotating bezel to be used as a timer.
Bidirectional Rotating BezelA bezel that can be used for mathematical calculations or keeping track of elapsed time through either a clockwise or counterclockwise movement.
BraceletA metal band consisting of assembled links that can be removed to adjust the fit of a watch. There are also one-piece expansion style bracelets that do not have a buckle.
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